Vegetation assessment and monitoring

We can carry out surveys and assessments on a wide range of different habitats and vegetation types.

Grassland surveys

Grassland surveys will include grasslands of conservation value, like calcareous grasslands, acid upland and marshy/fen grasslands. It will include a full species list and assessment of the actual conditions of the habitat and management recommendations.

Woodland surveys

Woodland surveys might include the assessment of presence of ancient woodland indicators. It might also include the assessment of the woodland structure and tree species present, as well as other habitat indicators like dead wood and openings in the woodland.

Heathland surveys

Heathland surveys will include the mapping of the habitat mosaics, and a species list for each habitat; also, assessment on the condition of heather and management recommendations. Special interest will be given to lowland heathland as this is an endangered habitat. Also, blanket bogs are of special interest for its conservation value.

Hedgerow surveys

Hedgerow surveys are carried out to assess whether a particular hedgerow is protected under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997. The survey involves an assessment of plant species present within the hedgerow and the presence of historical features.

River corridor surveys

River corridor surveys are used to assess the value of watercourses based on the vegetation present and the presence of protected species such as otter, water vole and bats. The vegetation element of a river corridor survey includes an assessment of the types of vegetation communities present along the watercourse, and an assessment of the presence of non-native species.

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