Course 1: Ancient Woodland Indicators.

One day course exploring the woods inside Hawthorn Dene and practising to how to identify as many ancient woodland indicators as we can find. Lists of ancient woodland indicator plants vary in different parts of the UK, but they all have in common the fact that the more of these species found in a woodland, the more likely it is to be ancient.

This course is completely outdoors, we will be using the FSC Guide for Ancient Woodland Indicators field guide as well as The Wild Flower Key by Rose and O’Reilly as well as other Plant ID books available.

Learning outcomes

  • Confidently identify the most common ancient woodland indicators

  • Understand that different ancient woodland indicators species lists are used in different UK regions

  • Practice how to find the information regarding different plant groups/species in the field guides, books and other learning resources.

Duration: One day
Friday 5th May and Saturday 12th May
Hawthorn Dene NR, County Durham

Contact: or 07875544635