Course 3: Grasses as habitat indicators

Duration: Two-day course
Date: 3rd – 4rd June
Cost: £175
Place: Pity Me Carr and Low Newton Junction, County Durham / Herrington Hill, Sunderland

Grasses are one of the most useful groups to use as key habitat indicators. In this two-day course we will learn the key features to look for in a grass that will help in its identification.

On day one will visit an acid grassland and a neutral grassland and look for the main grasses found in those two habitats. In day two we will focus our time on a calcareous grassland and practice how to identity the main grasses found there.

The two days will be completely outdoors. We will be using FSC grasses field guide, Ferns, rushes and grasses by Rose, Grasses by Hubbard, Dominic Price, FSC vegetative grasses, etc.

Learning outcomes:

  • Become familiar with grass morphology and ID terminology

  • Learn to confidently identify the most common grasses in neutral, acid and calcareous grasslands.

Contact: 07875544635